The  go-to platform for anyone wanting to speak a new language well


Using the latest language, voice & A.I. processing technologies combined with an intuitive user interface we offer the world’s best self-guided spoken language platform for improving verbal communication in any language

What is this app about?

Currently, digital language-based learning apps focus on flash-card and spaced-repetition techniques of single words (or short phrases) to teach pronunciation. aims to offer a step-change app which shifts the focus of language learning from memorisation to continual usage.

Heil, Wu, Lee, & Schmidt, illustrated in their paper(2016), that apps teach vocabulary in isolated units rather than relevant contexts; minimally adapting to suit the skill sets of individual learners or rarely offering explanatory corrective feedback to learners.

We are building an app to respond to this pressing need. monitor continuous reading, listening to speech, guiding lessons, and tailoring learning based on user preference and level.

Research refutes the long-held idea that making errors hampers learning (New Scientist:2018). Asserting that it could help with the learning process. provides the ideal platform for getting things wrong in a 'non-judgemental' environment, which in turn helps combat the reluctance to simply 'have a go' at learning a new language.

The goal of is to have the user speaking and reading the entire time the app is in use encouraging immersion in the language, which in turn will expand vocabulary, usage, punctuation and flow. Increasing confidence and enhancing fluency.


Paul Evans

Founder  &  CEO


20+ years of tech industry experience; from hardware design through to marketing & business development, worked in both US & UK, most recently for Imagination Technologies & Altera. Had the idea for through a combination of watching his children go through school and listening to missed communication opportunities in too many international meetings.

Sir Hossein Yassaie



Tech Entrepreneur & investor, former CEO of Imagination Technologies. Leading figure in global tech industry. Director, Investor & Chairman of the Board


Colin Murgatroyd

Senior App Engineer


25 years software development and management experience working with Pace, Accenture & Nokia. Colin is responsible for IOS app development and our architecture, framework & algorithm design

Philip Russell

Senior DB Engineer


30+ years teaching experience and former head of computing. Experienced in e-learning, e-commerce, database design, networking and A.I. systems. Philip looks after our back-end databases and is responsible for’s A.I. progression engine design.

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