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Word of the Day - servitude

How to Pronounce servitude
How to Pronounce servitude

servitude – s er v ih t y uw d

A state of completely subject to someone more powerful

Many people think that they have many years of servitude to make up for.

Definition noun

slavery or bondage of any kind:

compulsory service or labour as a punishment for criminals:

Law. a right possessed by one person to use another's property.

How to Pronounce

Synonyms for servitude

serfdom, thralldom.

Dictionary Entries near servitude

servile, servile work, serving, Servite, servitor, servitude, Servius Tullius, servlet, servo, servocontrol, servomechanism

First known use

1425–75; late Middle English, from Late Latin servitūdō, equivalent to servi-, combining form of servus “slave” + -tūdō,-tude

Word of the Day - servitude
Word of the Day - servitude

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