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On the Phone

Improve your English speaking and pronunciation with the app.

Whether you're speaking English on a business call or a webinar, or with friends, we want you to feel confident.

You can develop your English pronunciation, fluency, accuracy and comprehension by reading aloud with the articulate app.

It's simple to use, select a book and start reading aloud. Practice your English every day.

The system listens and builds lessons tailored to you. Expand your vocabulary, pronounce individual words, practice English minimal pairs (like sheep & ship), practice situational learning scenarios, and read whole books whenever it suits you.

Speak confidently and fluently and have fun while doing it.

The app supports over 50,000 English words, has a growing library, video tutorials, hints & tips, lessons and a 24/7 assistant.

Find out more by downloading the app now.

The app includes 30 free practices words, 5 minutes of free reading and free lessons, per  day.

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