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Word of the Day - difficult

How to Pronounce difficult
How to Pronounce difficult

difficult – d ih f ih k ax l t

Needing to put in much effort to accomplish something

It was difficult to get the job done in time.

Definition adjective

not easily or readily done; requiring much labour, skill, or planning to be performed successfully; hard:

hard to understand or solve

hard to deal with or get on with

hard to please or satisfy

hard to persuade or induce; stubborn

disadvantageous; trying; hampering:

How to Pronounce

Synonyms for difficult

arduous, intricate, perplexing, involved, knotty, particular, finical, fussy, obdurate, uncompromising.

Dictionary Entries near difficult

differentiation, differentiator, differently, different strokes for different folks, difficile, difficult, difficulty, diffidence, diffident, diffidently, diffluence

First known use

1350–1400; Middle English, back formation from difficulty

 Word of the Day - difficult
Word of the Day - difficult

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