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Word of the Day - Aphelion

Aphelion – ae f iy l y ax n

How to Pronounce Aphelion
How to Pronounce Aphelion

The point in an orbit when a planet is furthest from the sun

The Earth reached its aphelion on June 21st

Definition noun

Astronomy. the point in the orbit of a planet or a comet at which it is farthest from the sun.

How to Pronounce

Synonyms for aphelion

point of apoapsis apoapsis

Dictionary Entries near aphelion

aphanitic, aphasia, aphasic, aphasiology, aphelandra, aphelion, apheliotropic, apheliotropism, aphemia, apheresis, aphesis

First known use

1650–60; Hellenized form of New Latin aphēlium<Greek *aphḗlion (diástēma) off-sun (distance), neuter of *aphḗlios (adj.), equivalent to ap-ap-2 + hḗli(os) sun + -os adj. suffix.

Word of the Day - Aphelion
Word of the Day - Aphelion

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