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Word of the Day - endeavour

How to Pronounce Endeavour
How to Pronounce Endeavour

endeavour – eh n d eh v ax r

To try hard to achieve something

I will endeavour to get this done by Friday at the latest..

Definition verb

to try (to do something)


an effort to do or attain something

How to Pronounce

Synonyms for endeavour

aim, effort, enterprise, struggle, undertaking, venture

Dictionary Entries near endeavour

endear, endearing, endearment, endeavor, endeavors, endeavour, Endecott, endemic, endemic hematuria, endemic neuritis, endemic stability

First known use

1350–1400; Middle English endeveren, from the phrase putten in devoir “to make an effort, assume responsibility”; compare Anglo-French se mettre en deveir.

Word of the Day - endeavour
Word of the Day - endeavour

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