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Word of the Day - Epidemic

How to Pronounce Epidemic
How to Pronounce Epidemic

Epidemic – eh p ih d eh m ih k

A widespread infectious disease in a community or country

Covid-19 was epidemic in China then it spread to other countries an became a pandemic

Definition adjective

(of a disease) affecting many persons at the same time, and spreading from person to person in a locality where the disease is not permanently prevalent.

extremely prevalent; widespread.


a temporary prevalence of a disease.

a rapid spread or increase in the occurrence of something

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First known use

First recorded in 1595–1605; obsolete epidem(y) (from Late Latin epidēmia, from Greek epidēmía “staying in one place, among the people,” equivalent to epi- epi- + dêm(os) “people of a district” + -ia -y3) + -ic

Word of the Day - Epidemic
Word of the Day - Epidemic

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