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Word of the Day - gamut

How to Pronounce - Gamut
How to Pronounce - Gamut

gamut – g ae m ax t

the complete scope of something

The whole gamut of physics was laid before him.

Definition noun

the entire scale or range:


1. the whole series of recognized musical notes.

2. the major scale.

How to Pronounce

Synonyms for gamut

sweep, breadth, scope, reach, extent, field.

Dictionary Entries near gamut

gamophyllous, gamosepalous, -gamous, Gamow, gamp, gamut, gamy, gan, ganache, Gäncä, Gance

First known usage

1425–75; late Middle English, from Medieval Latin; contraction of gamma ut, equivalent to gamma, used to represent the first or lowest tone (G) in the medieval scale +ut (later do ); the notes of the scale (ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si) being named from a Latin hymn to St. John the Baptist:

Word of the Day - gamut
Word of the Day - gamut

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