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Word of the Day – Garnish

How to Pronounce garnish
How to Pronounce garnish

Garnish – g aa n ih sh

To decorate

Can you garnish the salad with those oranges?

Definition verb (used with object)

to provide or supply with something ornamental; adorn; decorate

to provide (a food) with something that adds flavour, decorative colour,

1. to attach (as money due or property belonging to a debtor) by garnishment; garnisheeto summon in, so as to take part in litigation already pending between others.


something placed around or on a food or in a beverage to add flavour, decorative color, etc.

adornment or decoration.

Chiefly British. a fee formerly demanded of a new convict or worker by the warden, boss, or fellow prisoners or workers.

How to Pronounce

Synonyms for garnish

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First known usage

1300–50; Middle English garnishen, from Old French garniss- (extended stem of garnir, guarnir “to furnish,” from Germanic ); cf. warn

Word of the Day – Garnish
Word of the Day – Garnish

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