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Word of the Day - Gauntlet

How to Pronounce Gauntlet
How to Pronounce Gauntlet

Gauntlet - g ao n t l ih t

A stout glove with a long loose wrist

I have to run the gauntlet to get past him.

Definition noun

a medieval glove, as of mail or plate, worn by a knight in armour to protect the hand.

a glove with an extended cuff for the wrist.

the cuff itself.


take up the gauntlet,

1. to accept a challenge to fight He was always willing to take up the gauntlet for a good cause.

2. to show one's defiance.

throw down the gauntlet,

3. to challenge.

4. to defy.

Synonyms for gauntlet on

armour, challenge, glove, onslaught, test, trial

Dictionary Entries near gauntlet

Gaultier, gaum, gaumless, gaun, gaunt, gauntlet, gauntlet bandage, gauntry, gaup, gaur, Gause's law

First known use

First recorded in 1670–80; alteration of gantlope

Word of the Day Gauntlet
Word of the Day Gauntlet

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