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Word of the Day - Gazette

Updated: May 25, 2021

Gazette g ax z eh t

How to pronounce gazette
How to pronounce gazette

A Journal or Newspaper

I read in the Hemel Gazette that the weather for the next month was to be wet and windy

Definition Noun

A Journal or Newspaper


To announce or publish something in an official gazette

Synonymns for gazette on




Dictionary Entries near gazette

gazebo, gazehound, gazelle, gazelle hound, gaze nystagmus, gazette, gazetted officer, gazetteer, Gaziantep, gazillion, gazillionaire

First known use

1595–1605; <French <Italian gazzetta<Venetian gazeta, originally a coin (the price of the paper), diminutive of gaza magpie

Word of the Day  - Gazette
Word of the Day - Gazette

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