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Word of the Day - Lodestone

How to pronounce lodestone
How to pronounce lodestone

Lodestone – l ow d s t ow n

A piece of Magnetite able to be used as a magnet

We floated a piece of lodestone to make a makeshift compass

Definition noun

a variety of magnetite that possesses magnetic polarity and attracts iron.

a piece of this serving as a magnet.

something that attracts strongly.

a rock that consists of pure or nearly pure magnetite and thus is naturally magnetic

a piece of such rock, which can be used as a magnet and which was formerly used as a primitive compass

a person or thing regarded as a focus of attraction

How to Pronounce Lodestone

Synonyms for lodestone

Magnet, magnetic ore, hematite

Dictionary Entries near lodestone

First known use

1505–15; lode (in obsolete sense “way, course”) + stone

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