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Word of the Day - optician

How to Pronounce optician
How to Pronounce optician

Optician – oh p t ih sh ax n

A person qualified to prescribe glasses.

I need to visit the optician next week?

Definition noun

a person who makes or sells eyeglasses and, usually, contact lenses, for remedying defects of vision in accordance with the prescriptions of ophthalmologists and optometrists.

a maker or seller of optical glass and instruments.

How to Pronounce

Synonyms for optician

Eye doctor, ophthalmologist

Dictionary Entries near optician

optic cup, optic decussation, optic disc, optic disk, optic foramen, optician, opticianry, opticist, optic lobe, optic nerve, optic neuritis

First known use

1670–80; from French opticien, from Medieval Latin optic(a)

Word of the Day - optician
Word of the Day - optician

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