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Word of the Day – panorama

How to Pronounce Panorama
How to Pronounce Panorama

panorama – p ae n ax r a m ax

An unbroken view of the whole surrounding area

The Shard gives a wonderful panorama of London

Definition noun

an unobstructed and wide view of an extensive area in all directions.

an extended pictorial representation or a cyclorama of a landscape or other scene, often exhibited a part at a time and made to pass continuously before the spectators.

a building for exhibiting such a pictorial representation.

a continuously passing or changing scene or an unfolding of events

a comprehensive survey, as of a subject.

How to Pronounce

Synonyms for panorama

scene, vista, prospect.

Entries near panorama

Panofsky, panophthalmia, panoply, panoptic, panopticon, panorama, panoramic, panoramic camera, panoramic radiograph, panoramic sight, panoramic x-ray film

First known usage

1790–1800; pan- + Greek (h)órāma “view, sight,” derivative of horân “to see, look”

Word of the Day – panorama
Word of the Day – panorama

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