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Word of the Day – Perambulate

How to Pronounce perambulate
How to Pronounce perambulate

Perambulate – p ax r ae m b y uw l ey t

To walk in a leisurely way

Anne perambulated the park

Definition verb (used with object),

to walk through, about, or over; travel through; traverse.

to traverse in order to examine or inspect.

verb (used without object),

to walk or travel about; stroll.

How to Pronounce

Synonyms for perambulate

saunter, promenade, amble, mosey, meander, ramble, stroll

Entries near perambulate

peracute, peradventure, Peraea, Perahia, Perak, perambulate, perambulator, per an., per annum, per anum, per ardua ad astra

First known usage

1560–70; from Latin perambulātus, past participle of perambulāre “to walk through”; see origin at per-, ambulate

Word of the Day – Perambulate
Word of the Day – Perambulate

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