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Word of the Day - Peruse

How to Pronounce Peruse
How to Pronounce Peruse

Peruse - p az r uw z

Read things in a careful way

I perused the titles in the library

Definition verb

to read through with thoroughness or care

to scan or browse

to read

to survey or examine in detail

Synonyms for peruse on

analyse, browse, inspect, look through, pore over, scan, scrutinize, skim

Dictionary Entries near peruse

Perugia, Perugino, peruke, perusal, peruse, Perutz, Peruvian, Peruvian balsam, Peruvian bark, Peruvian mastic tree

First known use

15th Cent (meaning: to use up): from per- (intensive) + use

Word of the Day peruse
Word of the Day peruse

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