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Word of the Day - Population

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

How to pronounce Population
How to pronounce Population

Population - p oh p y uw l ey sh ax n

All the inhabitants of a particular town

The population of Southampton is now over 300,000

Definition noun

the total number of persons inhabiting a country, city, or any district or area.

the body of inhabitants of a place

the number or body of inhabitants in a place belonging to a specific social, cultural, socioeconomic, ethnic, or racial subgroup

Statistics. any finite or infinite aggregation of individuals, not necessarily animate, subject to a statistical study.


1. the assemblage of a specific type of organism living in a given area.

2. all the individuals of one species in a given area.

the act or process of populating

Synonyms for Population on

community, culture, people, populace, public, society, state, citizenry, denizens, dwellers, folk, natives

Dictionary Entries near population

popular singer, popular song, popular sovereignty, popular vote, populate, population, population control, population explosion, population genetics, population inversion, population parameter

First known use

First recorded in 1612

Word of the Day - Population
Word of the Day - Population

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