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Word of the Day - rapport

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

How to Pronounce - Rapport
How to Pronounce - Rapport

rapport – r ae o ao

A close and harmonious relationship in which people understand each others feelings and communicate well

The teacher had an excellent rapport with the class.

Definition noun

relation; connection, especially harmonious or sympathetic relation:

How to Pronounce

Synonyms for rapport

fellowship, camaraderie, understanding.

Dictionary Entries near rapport

rappen, rappé pie, rapper, rapping, Rappist, rapport, rapporteur, rapprochement, rapscallion, rap session, rap sheet

First known usage

1530–40; <French, derivative of rapporter “to bring back, report,” equivalent to r(e)- re- + apporter (Old French aporter, from Latin apportāre, equivalent to ap-ap-1 + portāre “to carry”; see port5)

Word of the Day - rapport
Word of the Day - rapport

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