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Word of the Day - Resign

How to Pronounce Resign
How to Pronounce Resign

Resign – r ih z ay n

To voluntarily leave your job

He resigned from the government after his affair

Definition verb (used without object)

to give up an office or position, often formally (often followed by from

to submit; yield

verb (used with object)

to give up (an office, position, etc.), often formally.

to relinquish (a right, claim, agreement, etc.).

to give or sign over, as to the control or care of another

to submit (oneself, one's mind, etc.) without resistance.

How to Pronounce

Synonyms for resign

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First known use

1325–75; Middle English resignen<Middle French resigner<Latin resignāre to open, release, cancel, equivalent to re-re- + signāre to mark, seal, sign

Word of the Day - Resign
Word of the Day - Resign

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