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Word of the Day - snivel

How to Pronounce - snivel
How to Pronounce - snivel

snivel – s n ih v ax l

To cry or weep in a feeble way

She snivelled at the thought of leaving

Definition verb (used without object

to weep or cry with sniffling.

to affect a tearful state; whine.

verb (used with object) to utter with sniveling or sniffling. noun weak, whining, or pretended weeping. a light sniffle, as in weeping. a hypocritical show of feeling:

How to Pronounce

Synonyms for snivel gripe, groan, whimper, whine Dictionary Entries near snivel snips, snit, snitch, snitch line, snitchy, snivel, snively, snob, snob appeal, snobbery, snobbish

First known usage First recorded in 1275–1325; Middle English snyvele; compare Old English snyflung “sniveling,” derivative of snofl “mucus”; cognate with Low German snüfeln

Word of the Day - snivel
Word of the Day - snivel

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