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Word of the Day - Turbid

How to Pronounce Turbid
How to Pronounce Turbid

Turbid – t er b ih d

Cloudy or opaque

The water looked turbid and uninviting.

Definition adjective

not clear or transparent because of stirred-up sediment or the like; clouded; opaque; obscured:the turbid waters near the waterfall.

thick or dense, as smoke or clouds.

confused; muddled; disturbed.

How to Pronounce

Synonyms for turbid

murky, cloudy, roiled, muddy.

Dictionary Entries near absolve

Turanian, turban, turban squash, turbary, turbellarian, turbid, turbidimeter, turbidimetry, turbidite, turbidity, turbidity current

First known use

First recorded in 1620–30; from Latin turbidus “disturbed,” equivalent to turb(āre) “to disturb” (derivative of turba “turmoil”) + -idus

Word of the Day - Turbid
Word of the Day - Turbid

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